The Language Service and the International Relations Service finance language courses for students, PAS, PDI and PIF of the UV

The doors of the University of Valencia Language Centre, Calle Serpis 25 Valencia, are open to everyone from 6 years of age. Anyone interested in learning English, French, German, Italian, Valencian or Spanish as a foreign language, can enroll in one of the courses offered in their different modalities (annual, quarterly or intensive). But if you are a member of the university community in general or of the University of Valencia in particular, you will be able to qualify for discounts and bonuses.

Multilingualism and internationalization

The commitment of the University of Valencia to multilingualism and internationalization, as two essential elements of the training process, makes a reality in the University of Valencia Language Centre through the grants offered to students and workers by both the Language Services and the International Relations and Cooperation Service.

Language Services grants

The Language Services subsidizes 25% of the price of all courses to the students of the University of Valencia. This discount is applied directly at the time of registration, i.e., if you are a student of the University of Valencia, you must subtract 25% from the price of the course published in the following link of the website The Language Services also subsidizes up to 100% of the price of some courses to employees of the University. If at the time of registration at the Language Centre you are accredited as part of the Administration and Services Staff (PAS), Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) or Research Staff in Training (PIF) of the University of Valencia, you can recover the full amount of the course fee by submitting the corresponding application, from January 2022, through the website of the Language Services In order to receive 100% of the course fee back, it is necessary to attend at least 80% of the classes. In any case, the amount subsidized for each UV worker cannot exceed €650 between courses and tests.

Both students and workers of the University of Valencia also have substantial discounts in the Foreign Language Assessment Tests (PACLE) organized by the Language Centre in June and September. The registration fee for the PACLE exam costs 120€. Thanks to the Language Services, students of the University of Valencia have a 50% discount so they only pay 60€ to take the PACLE exam. The staff of the University of Valencia can recover up to 100% of this amount. Applications for this aid must be submitted telematically between January 10, 2022 and October 31, 2022 at, once official notification has been received that the PACLE accreditation test has been passed. In the event of late notification of the result, it will be possible to apply for aid in the next call for applications.    

Spanish courses for Erasmus and other discounts

One of the discounts offered by the University of Valencia Language Centre is related to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. The International Relations Service finances the four-month Spanish courses for all students of the Erasmus and International Mobility Program enrolled at the University of Valencia. This funding means that Erasmus students only have to pay € 65 for a 60-hour Spanish course whose price is around € 350.

It should also be noted that the students of the Polytechnic University of Valencia have a 10% discount on all courses at the Language Centre. Likewise, former students who are part of the AlumniUV association receive the same discount (10%), as well as workers from the Parque Científico of the University of Valencia and their first-degree relatives. There are also collaboration agreements signed by the University of Valencia Language Centre with other entities and institutions, such as the Joaquín Rodrigo Conservatory or the CAU Rugby Club, which also establish discounts on language courses for all its members and workers.


Spanish for Erasmus



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