Notice from the Centre d'Idiomes UV (13/03/2020)

From the Centre d'Idiomes of the Universitat de València we want to send a message of encouragement and support to all our students in these very difficult times that we are living for the causes that you all know.Although we are obliged to suspend face-to-face classes until further notice and cancel the exam that was scheduled for this week given the circumstances, the teaching of language courses will continue online.
The teachers have been working on activities and resources so that the classes continue to be as effective as in the classroom mode and we do not doubt that this will be the case. They will contact you during this week with the planning of the activities to be carried out and how to carry out the classes. In addition, on our Twitter and Facebook account we will enable a discussion forum in English daily in which you are invited to participate by following the hashtag #CentreidiomesEng.
We trust that the current situation will be resolved as soon as possible and that we can return to our daily routines as normal.