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Spanish Intensive Summer

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1. Course dates

 The dates of our summer intensive courses (80 hours) are as follows:

 - Summer Intensive Course – July (80 hours): 2 July - 29 July

 - Summer Intensive Course – August (80 hours): 1 August - 29 August

 - Summer Intensive Course – Semester Preparation Course (September)

1 September - 19 September (45 hours)

Note: Incoming Erasmus students studying at the University of Valencia for the 2014/2015 course are eligible to a special price (see fees below).


2. Course fees

Summer intensive courses:

-complete course (80 hours): 450 + 40 EUR

Semester Preparation Course

-complete course (45 hours): 255 + 40 EUR (general public)

200 EUR (incoming Erasmus students)

3. Course registrations

You can begin the registration process by sending us the registration form, download it from our website or ask us for it. The registration form can be sent by email, fax o post. You will find our school’s contact information at the end of this document. It is also necessary a copy of your passport or ID card.


For further information and enquiries please contact us.


Centre d'Idiomes de la Universitat de València

Postal Address:

Centre d'Idiomes de la Universitat de València

C/ Dr. Joan Reglà, 6

46010 Valencia


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Tel.: [+34] 963 394 630

Fax: [+34] 963 394 929



El Centre d'Idiomes

Centre d'Idiomes  Ven al Centre d'Idiomes de la Universitat de València. 
c/ Dr. Joan Reglà 6 46010 Valencia.
Tel: 96 339 46 30. Fax: 96 339 49 29   



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